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Circle hearing aid recycling

Hearing Aid Recycling

For the Hearing Aid Recycling program, hearing aids can be dropped off at any Purslowe location. These can then be used to restore hearing to someone who otherwise would not be able to access hearing support technology.

According to the World Health Organisation, more than 275 million people worldwide have moderate-to-profound hearing impairment, and 80% of them reside in low or middle-income countries. In children, untreated hearing impairment can delay the development of speech and language skills resulting in learning difficulties. For adults, it can lead to social isolation and unemployment.

In Australia, hearing aid users typically replace their aids with a newer model every 3-5 years as technology improves. If donated instead of discarded, these older hearing aids can be used to improve the lives of people who can’t afford or don’t currently have access to hearing aids.

Even out-dated or broken hearing aids may be of value for their spare parts. 

Together with the help of the community, Purslowe Funerals has sent thousands of eye glasses and hearing aids to the Lions for distribution to communities currently without access to the medical services or the funds required to address vision and hearing impairment. 

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