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Every goodbye is different because we are all different; what we've done and who we've loved will never be the same as someone else.

We understand that saying goodbye to a loved one at a funeral can be daunting but we also understand that every life is made up of many, many moments.

There will have been lots of "hellos" and there will have been plenty of "goodbyes", and there will have been everything in between. We can help you because we specialise in bringing together the moments that make up a life, and assisting you to create a goodbye that is as individual as the person you love.

Purslowe Funerals is an Australian owned network of funeral homes. We are proud to provide funeral services to individuals and families in Perth and surrounding areas.

Whether you wish a burial or a cremation, a celebratory tribute or a funeral service that adheres to your faith and culture, we have over 105 years' experience in tailoring funeral goodbyes to the needs of families.

Say "goodbye" to the one you’ve cherished with a funeral that celebrates what life meant to them, and what they have meant to you. Call us on (08) 6365 3073.

Our Commitments

We know no two people are the same and so we understand that every goodbye is different.We promise to help ...

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Our History

Purslowe Funerals is Australian owned and has more than 100 years of experience in meeting the funeral needs to the ...

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Working at Purslowe Funerals

Being a funeral director with Purslowe FuneralsIt is a great privilege to be asked by a family to organise a ...

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We've organised many different "goodbyes" for every kind of family, and we often receive letters of thanks from those we've ...

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Purslowe Funerals on TV

Although saying goodbye is a part of life, every goodbye is different. Some are sad, others can be happy, and ...

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